Saturday, September 6, 2008

DVRs Can Improve Relationships

When I read that story in The Hollywood Reporter I was very interested in the survey, and why it was done.

The survey finds that people are less likely to argue over what to watch when they have a DVR. I would say that what to watch only scratches the surface on ways a DVR can improve your relationships as well as many other areas of your life once you have finally been set free from the television networks' schedules. You can then watch on your own schedule!

Let me tell you how a DVR has improved my life... I'll give a quick list:
  • Watch what I want when I want
  • Pause the show rather than must when the phone rings
  • We're no longer slaves to a TV schedule
  • We never have to leave a beautiful place so we don't miss our show
  • Tivo actually finds great shows that I wouldn't have found on my own
  • With instant replay, you never miss a thing
  • The 30 second skip can quickly zap the commercials
  • The ability to pause the TV allows us to discuss what we are watching
Is my relationship with my wife better because we have a DVR? I would hope that our lives are not so TV centric that a DVR could affect our relationship. But we do watch TV, and with a DVR it is more enjoyable.

I have stated many times that I would not have a TV without a DVR, and we have had a DVR in the house for about 8 years so we are hooked.

~Jay Morrissette

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