Thursday, August 7, 2008

3-D: The Future, or Just Another Attempt an Old Gimmick?

When I was a child in the early '80s there was a fancy new movie called "Comin' at Ya!". I was amazed at the idea of 3-D, I thought the future was now! I was surprised when my parents told me how 3-D was popular in the '50s.

It's now 2008 and I was a quite surprised to see at CES and NAB a big push for 3-D. Needless to say I was very cynical about the "new" technology.

My question is With current CGI, and digital cinema, and the desire for something new- will 3-D become the norm?

The Hollywood reporter has an article about James Cameron's new film "Avatar".

What might set this apart from many other failed attempts is the importace he places on the story, here a clip from the artical:

Still, the innovative filmmaker and digital 3-D pioneer and champion has never shifted his emphasis from storytelling.

"You have to make a good film that would be a good film under any circumstances," he said. "You have to put the narrative first. The reality is no matter how many (3-D) screens we get, you are still going to have a large number of people -- possibly the majority of people -- who see the film in a 2-D environment."

I guess I'll have to wait and see before I give my final judgment.

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