Friday, August 8, 2008

YouTube in the Living room

Yesterday I received an email form Tivo stating that I can now view YouTube videos on my Tivo. Talk about a great new way to waste time!

Last night I only spent a few minutes with it, so I won't give a review, but my initial impression is that it's very cool, but a bit slow. By slow I mean it takes several seconds for a selected video to begin playing. During those precious seconds you just look at a black screen where by comparison on a computer you are already trying to decide which video you are going to view next while you are waiting for the current video to buffer.

My question is will this be true competition for "real" television? Maybe not, but it is one more thing that is chipping away at at televisions stronghold on American living rooms.

I'll spend some more time with it over the next few weeks and post a review. I have a few key questions I'd like to answer:
  • Will I find anything worth watching?
  • Can I amuse myself for an hour or two watching only YouTube videos?
  • How quickly will the novelty wear off?
  • Will both my wife and I be able to find mutually interesting content?

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